No Advertiser Left Behind

The other 98% of your addressable customer base.

Several of our larger partners we work with have shared this similar story; 'we got off to a good start, but display sales has flat-lined for us'. The reason for this isn't a lack of demand, or sales apathy, it's technology. Most display ad platforms simply were not designed to support smaller budget campaigns and therefore they impose budget floors. Often this is around $1,000/mo. Big iPromote resellers have hundreds of thousands of accounts, and they have discovered just a handful of them actually have this size of budget to commit to display campaigns. We've learned, on average, this is about 2% of their total addressable customer base. Said another way, the reseller didn't have a supplier that enabled them to sell to the other 98% of their customers.

Field reps were walking past the majority of their existing accounts unable to sell to them. At iPromote, our mission is NO ADVERTISER IS LEFT BEHIND. There are thousands of markets where several hundred dollars a month budget is more than sufficient to sustain a successful display campaign. We have several partners who have delighted customers buying packages for as little as $2/day. We refer to this important segment as the longer tail of the SMB market. iPromote enables reseller partners to reach deep into this segment and service every customer regardless of the size of their budget; large or small.