Multi-Channel Syndication

Driving efficiency and optimization through the line.

A common goal we run into with new partners is the need to reduce complexity and operational overhead. As the industry developed and new channels came into play, many partners trying to sell display ended up with a mobile ad supplier, a Facebook supplier, as well as a web display ad provider. This layered in additional steps for sales reps who all needed be trained on multiple platforms, and operation teams burdened with supporting multiple vendors. Anticipating this logjam with reseller partners, iPromote set out to build a single platform solution which syndicates AND OPTIMIZES campaigns across all 3 channels. For iPromote, display is interpreted broadly including every image type digital ad format.

By consolidating to one platform, ease of use was one obvious benefit, but the real value here is the data. For the first time, the performance from ads running on Facebook or a mobile device can be connected with those running on traditional desktop websites; these systems are now all talking to each other. The machines are learning and informing each other (this sounds a bit like a scene out of Terminator). Then the iPromote yield algorithms hold each channel accountable to exceeding the current performance from the others. This agnostic approach to the channels has resulted in elevated and sustained CTR increasing the ROI to every SMB advertiser running on the iPromote platform.