Precision So Accurate It's Guaranteed

Flexible budget delivery is critical to scalable SMB advertising.

All SMBs, by nature, are OPEN for business. By phone or by foot, local businesses are hungry for customers. While this may seem obvious, national brand advertisers run campaigns (flights) with scheduled start and end dates based on their product sales strategies or promotions. SMBs are looking for customers practically every day of the month throughout the year.

I make this point because most ad tech cannot deliver smaller budget campaigns with precision and reliability throughout their monthly schedules (less than $1,000/month seems to be the tip over point). New reseller partners who work with iPromote have shared many times that one of their clients (and sales reps) biggest frustrations is the previous supplier in charge of the ad serving is spending a month's worth of budget in 2-3 days. Then the campaign goes dormant for the rest of the month until the next monthly billing cycle kicks in. Next month the pattern repeats. ARGH!

Potential customers for SMBs are 'in market' for any particular product or service any day (and every day) of the month, and SMBs need their advertising to match this with what I call 'evergreen presence'. They want to have budget remaining and campaigns pacing every day such that when a potential customer shows interest in their product or service, they can have their advertising message presented. When an ad platform burns through the budget in 3 days, the SMB has no advertising visibility for essentially 90% of the month; missing a lot of potential business.

Most ad serving technology was not designed to start and stop in a day. When working with smaller budgets, over delivery of the campaign is often the outcome resulting in either the reseller having to eat the cost and bonus the additional impressions, or pass the overage bill onto their clients. This becomes a material problem when you have 1,000's of customers.

iPromote are experts at pacing and delivery with such exacting precision we guarantee it. Internally we refer to it as 'hitting it to the pin'. Regardless of the size of the budget, iPromote properly paces each campaign throughout the month, and I'm proud of the fact that our monthly delivery report is rather boring to look at. Smooth and flat is the goal, and as you can see in the example image, iPromote's consistent delivery is bankable.

In addition to the pacing of the campaigns, another must have feature is outstanding geo-targeting. As I'm commented before, 98% of all SMBs are local, meaning they only want ads to run where they do business. iPromote offers geo-targeting across all of its display products, and blends IP addresses with Lat/Long technology, then adds radius targeting to land ads exactly where the advertiser wants. Additionally, with over 2 million cities in our global database, our intuitive ad mapping tool auto-populates for the User every city which falls within the designated delivery area. From there Users can simply add or remove any city they wish to dial in their exact target.

As I've mentioned before, SMBs require a different solution. Our CTO likes to say; 'You're either in the business to serve SMBs or you're not. Precise delivery is everything and this you can't fake.'