Reducing Sales Cycles From months to Minutes

A sales manager's dream come true.

When we built the iPromote platform and first came to market we discovered the actual display advertisement itself was a substantial barrier to entry for the SMB. Most advertisers are committing to spend several hundred dollars a month on display, and they didn't want to have to spend $1,500 or more with a boutique agency to build their ads. So we set out to solve this problem with the design requirement that our ad creation is fast and free of charge for every advertiser running on the platform, and the creative can be updated and changed as often as the advertiser wanted. Big goal! This was years ago and thousands of reps now carry our ad creation tool on their tablets while in the field with clients. What we discovered was we actually built one of the most effective sales tools we could have put in their hands.

A Sales Manager from one our partners recently told me that our ad creation tools close business. When a rep is in front of their client and building and editing the ad, clients are leaning in. They are engaged and making suggestions on what to put in the ad. Additionally, in the past the rep would leave the business, contact their art department (which was usually outsourced to some supplier overseas), build the ad, go back to the client, note changes, resubmit to the art department, and 2-3 months later would have settled on a final ad to get the campaign started. Using iPromote, reps can go from the initial meeting to closing the deal. And as this sales manager said to me; 'iPromote has reduced my reps sales cycle from months to minutes'.