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iPromote’s Cloud Infrastructure Enables Success


We use technology to make digital advertising accessible and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), resellers, agencies, and enterprises. Our technology benefits businesses that are historically underserved in the advertising industry.

Our refined user experience is built on proven and robust software that handles the complicated business of:

  • Making modern, IAB-compliant creatives
  • Targeting a worldwide online audience
  • Setting and managing budget of any size
  • And competing with other advertising platforms for ad space

The iPromote platform includes a proprietary ad serving engine, streamlined user interface, and intuitive API. Running on the world’s best-in-class cloud services, helps us participate in billions of online auctions daily, serve hundreds of millions of ads a month, all with fast and reliable service.

In addition, iPromote partners with multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs) to purchase premium ad space while using industry leading media verification services to ensure we are always meeting quality standards. iPromote maintains long-standing integrations with social media and search platforms, like Facebook, Bing, and Google. These partnerships bolster the effectiveness of iPromote’s proprietary technology.

Our product is managed by a diverse, savvy, and experienced team of designers, programmers, and IT professionals. Our decades of industry R&D, development agility, and continuous improvement ensure that we deliver an optimal partner experience to a highly specialized market.

World-class cloud infrastructure

iPromote services are 100% cloud-based, allowing our services to be efficient, scalable, robust, and secure.

What does the cloud mean for your business?

  • Fast and responsive performance from anywhere
  • More impressions and better reach at a reduced expense
  • Geographic diversity, enabling global access to all partners
  • Adaptability to the ever-changing advertising landscape
  • Alleviated burden of maintaining integrations with multiple vendors and APIs

Our infrastructure comprises technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Akamai Technologies. AWS offers a wide range of cloud services with advanced security features and the ability to handle large-scale workloads, while Akamai provides best-in-class cloud services for cybersecurity and optimized global advertising delivery through their unrivaled content delivery network (CDN).

What does the cloud mean for iPromote technologies and services?

  • Fast innovation, flexibility, and R&D to adapt to market changes
  • High availability of services, low platform latency
  • Robust security that encrypts sensitive customer data in-transit and at-rest
  • Scalability-at-will to meet rapidly growing demands
  • Modern tech stack that incorporates technologies quickly and efficiently
  • Modern DevOps, such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Efficient data analysis and informed decision-making thanks to our data lake environment
  • Streamlined business infrastructure through offloading of physical data centers

Being underpinned by reputable and mature cloud platforms establishes a firm foundation for iPromote in the world of online digital advertising.