Providing the functionality that makes iPromote unique. Covering unparalleled multi-channel distribution, near real-time analytics, robust and tailored ad delivery, and intelligent creative.

iPromote's suite of technologies ensure a solution specific to your business needs.

Multi-Channel Optimization

Your single source for serving search, web, mobile, social, video and native ads under a single optimized budget. Increase efficiency with our consolidated 6-in-1 approach.

  • Publish once, syndicate everywhere through 6-in-1 Advertising.
  • Proprietary yield algorithms maximize performance across your own custom mix of display channels.
  • Access to premium inventory like these websites & mobile apps: LinkedInESPNFacebookWebMDExpediaAmazonSkypeAuto Trader

Ad Builder

Use our Ad Builder to automatically create search, web, mobile, social, video and native ads using existing web and social content.

  • Design assets are pulled directly from existing website content and social platforms.
  • HTML5 based ads work great on all devices.
  • A variety of different customizable design templates provide flexibility and customization.
  • Customizable
  • Automated content
    collection from website
    and social platforms
  • Intelligent brand
    color detection
  • Multi-destination
  • HTML5-Based
Ad Builder

AdXpert Engine

Our revolutionary programmatic approach to digital advertising is centered around precision and scalability. AdXpert is iPromote’s proprietary decision engine responsible for powering all programmatic ad serving processes.

  • Performance data is analyzed after every auction to identify discrete patterns so intelligent and timely adjustments are constantly being made.
  • Micro-budget technology delivers campaign budgets of any size without any wasteful overages. So accurate, it's guaranteed.
  • More than a decade of online advertising experience ensures you show the right ads to the right audiences.
  • AdXpert is extremely robust, processing billions of auctions and serving millions of ad impressions every single day.
  • Search Audience
  • Display Audience

Additional Technologies

  • Analytics

    Get detailed, near real-time reports available 24/7 for all campaigns. View top sites, top cities, click breakdown, and a daily summary of impressions and clicks.

  • DDS

    iPromote’s patent-pending metric for post-view display attribution. Display-Driven Search (DDS) helps measure the number of people who visit an advertiser’s website after one of the display ads have been viewed.

  • Micro-budget Pacing

    No matter the budget size, iPromote solutions are optimized to deliver campaigns smoothly and consistently over the course of the campaign, eliminating spikes and costly overages.

  • Retargeting

    Deliver ads with increased relevance to viewers that have shown an interest in an advertiser’s business and/or businesses similar to theirs.

  • HTML5-based Ads

    Your ads are built using modern HTML5 technologies so they look great on all devices.

  • Multi-destination Ads

    Improve CTRs by adding multiple links to your ads, including Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Maps. Mobile click-to-call is also supported when a phone number is provided.

  • Programmatic Delivery

    iPromote’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) delivers display ads using modern auction-based methods. This is critical for scalability as it enables inventory procurement on a per-impression basis. Programmatic delivery ensures intelligent ad selection and display.

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